What exactly is HollowCore?

Because you deserve to know who you are working with


HollowCore started as our Founder's need to provide services to more and more clients with the thought "How can I provide services to more clients with my quality" we decided to create a process where all our services are designed around the schedule of the client and all our deliverables are checked by our founder before deliverying to the clients


HollowCore now has over 10 team members, 2 branches, several clients in each branch. We have evolved from a simple website and mobile app company and now we offer tailored IT consulting and services to all forms of small to medium businesses helping them grow into larger ones. Allowing companies to take the largest hurdle in outsourcing which is trustability to save hundreds of thousands of dollars. We primarily operate in the united kingdom or britain, but we have clients from all over the world


Our vision for the future is to allow us to leverage the global connection through the internet to both empower under developed countries such as Pakistan by providing everyone with jobs as well as supporting businesses in developed countries by providing them with quality services at lower prices than inhouse or local solutions, We intend to bridge the gap between unemployment and need for human resources to ensure businesses thrive in their own budgets and under developed countries too solve their employment and poverty issues. We plan to expand soon into the United States and Canada


For small to medium businesses

We have worked with organizations with over 1000 members as well as those with just over 2, we know the same solution does not solve problems for both of them nor will they have the same priorities which is why we tailor problem solving strategies as well as technological solutions such as softwares or digital marketing to fit the business instead of just providing a fixed routine that may or may not solve your problem. Each of our solutions are carefully curated through rigorous research of your business context, the surrounding market as well as a thorough indepth inquisition to your own goals and desires from that business.

Looking to start a business? Dont know where to start?

We know the struggles a 9-5 presents and the hurdles that impact you when you first start your own business, while we can't provide you with an investment we are fully equipped and capable of handling all technical aspects of starting a business, from digital presence to employee management crms to even ERPs for larger organizations, everything technical a business could need we provide at no risk.


Risk mitigation policy

How do we ensure you have no risk of anyone taking your money and not delivering the results you want?


You will first be made aware of all your available options not just those that cost more. At every step of the way we will be the ones in touch with you regarding where the payment goes, what work is done, how much is done and so on, we will also be available at all times to answer any inquiries you may have. We will also ensure communication to ensure you recieve exactly what you order

Refund policy

Before we begin we will first get to know your goals, visions and wants as well as expectations in depth only then will we propose options and finalize details, once we finalize details if we are unable to deliver on our promises you will be entitled to partial or full refund along with whatever work had been done as compensation for your time, so essentially you have zero risks involved.


Quality concerns are a major concern when working with an agency, we at HollowCore have a reputation ensuring that not only do you get what you want we will not be cutting corners to get it to you, we believe that a 80% working item is the same as a 0% working item, infact we are so confident you will be in touch with our founder and have all our information available on both this website and linkedin incase any issues arise.

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